Figurative artworks

Goddess with Sun, red horse
Eurydice, naked people, Orpheus and Eurydice
Naked Goddess, Snake, Destiny
angels, two angels, blue sky, Christmas gift
two girls, red bird, wind, blue sky, pines
mermaids, Mona Lisa, sea, femininity
people in crowns, kings
face, portrait, angels, Eternity
naked girl, fire and water, nude, dream
wings, hands, thoughtful woman, vague illusions
butterfly, angel, vague, wings
Psyche, oil painting, angels, mythology
Time of Presence, landscape with a woman, oilpainting
Red-headed, Pierrot, sad clown, red clown
man and woman, love, relationships, dream, flamingos
red fish, a girl on the fish, painting
angel, angel in the sky
girl with a wreath on her head, girl with a rooster
elephants, moon's daughter, king's daughter
Angel, magic angel, painting with an angel
A painting with a sitting girl, red woman, sitting woman
naked woman with vases
painting with angels, magic angels, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
painting with angels, magic angels, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, magical present
painting with angels, magic angels, new year present, christmas present
two people, kids, dream, childhood
portrait of a girl, inspired by Kirchner
oilpainting, paris cafe
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