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Fallacious Memory Exhibition (Bath, UK)

"“I remember freedom, I remember love. I remember how I wanted it to be.
But it wasn’t like that, my stories are made up, my memories are false”.

A dynamic, eclectic, collection of multi-disciplinary works in which local and international artists explore the conception of memory - but not just memory in the conventional sense, here we delve deeper!!!

Fallacious Memory brings together the work of over 30 artists, from many different countries, exhibiting a tantalising mix of media including painting, photography, ceramics, textiles and video as well as live art performance. Creating a thought-provoking multi-sensual experience that explores, debates and tinkers with the process of remembering.

Curated by Akia Art& David Block

Venue: Walcot Chapel • BA1 5UG
Opening night: 6pm until late • Fri 24 May 2024
Open 12noon - 5pm daily • 25 May to 8 June 2024
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